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Business Fire Safety

Fire detection and alarm systems are designed to minimise the risk to life and limit damage to a building and its contents.  If you want the Fire Brigade to attend your premises when your alarm is triggered, then your system must be installed by a BAFE approved company – which Shipman Security is.

Your Fire Alarm system would be managed by a control panel, which is a requirement under the building code for most of new commercial construction in the UK. It receives information from the smoke and heat sensors that detect fire and triggers the alarms.  

Shipman Security offer complete design and installation, backed up by a full service and maintenance to help your system meet all legal requirements.

Fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers must be kept in suitable locations so that they are always easily accessible - such as near escape routes or doorways to the outside. You don't want staff more than 75m away from one - so they don't have to run to get one! Locations must be permanent so that they become familiar to staff - they are usually best situated as near to the door as possible, but away from any part of the room where the fire risk is greatest.

A notice indicating the location of firefighting equipment should also be displayed. All firefighting appliances should be serviced annually and the date of inspection noted on a label fixed to the appliance.

In partnership with Reliable Fire Protection Services, we can provide you with the complete fire safety solutions.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting is the key safety system required to enable people to exit a building safely in the event of a power cut. It can - and does - save lives.
It is also a legal requirement for companies and must meet Fire Safety legislation.
Emergency routes and exits must be indicated by signs. Those needing illumination must have emergency lighting good enough to see in the event of normal lights failing.
Emergency Lighting systems should be serviced every three - six months.