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Home Fire Safety

Fire detection and alarm systems are designed to minimise the risk to life and limit damage to a building and its contents. We can install wireless smoke, gas, CO and flood detectors to keep your home safe.

There are four main options for fire detection and each is used in different circumstances. These are:

Ionisation – Very effective for detecting fast-flaming fire. We recommend them for landings, areas which are prone to false alarms.

Rate of Rise – Uses a thermostat to sense a quick rise in temperature to a threshold of 57°C. They are therefore very good for kitchen areas or places where warmth can change but not too quickly - drying rooms and cupboards.

Optical – These alarms 'see' smoke. They have a quick response to visibly smouldering fires (e.g. from foam filled furniture and overheated PVC wiring). They are also particularly good in areas where you can otherwise expect false alarms, such as near kitchens. We recommend their use in living rooms, bedrooms and hallways.

Heat - These are used in rooms where smoke or mist is frequently part of the normal atmosphere, such as kitchens or garages. They should be interconnected with other smoke alarms on escape routes to give full protection. 

We have smoke alarms that feature high-intensity strobe lights and vibration pads to wake a deaf or hard-of-hearing persons during the night if there is a fire alarm.

We also offer portable deaf alarm systems as well as wired alarm systems.

Fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers must be kept in suitable locations so that they are always easily accessible. Don't hide them away under the sink or above the cooker - you're likely to forget that it's there! Ideally, they should be wall mounted so that the handle is at a convenient height (approximately 1 metre from the floor. 

In partnership with Reliable Fire Protection Services, we can provide you with the complete fire safety solutions.