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Your Smart Home

Using new technology, Shipman are able to install state of the art a state-of-the-art 2-way wireless alarm system Agility™ 3. Agility™ 3 supports visual verification with a self-monitoring Smartphone app (also available via web browser) which enables homeowners to control their alarm systems remotely as well as view real-time images.

Agility™ 3's visual verification capability employs RISCO’s eyeWave™ wireless PIR camera detectors which are activated in the event of an alarm and capture a sequence of up to seven real-time photographic images which record the event. The PIR cam communicates with the RISCO Cloud server via the Agility 3™ panel communication channels, saving the images as well as the history of events which can be used as testimony for insurance purposes. Agility™ 3 users and monitoring stations receive the images via RISCO’s Smartphone app, or web application enabling them to confirm if there is a crime in progress or if it is a false alarm.

Whether you are at home, work, out or away, if your system detects unusual movement, one of the cameras will take a photo and send it straight to your phone. If all is well, you can set or unset the system from your phone. If not, then the appropriate action can quickly be taken. All images are stored if they need to be recalled later.

Smartphone App- iRISCO

iRISCO, enables users to control their Agility™ 3 alarm system remotely through its communication with the RISCO Cloud. The app’s capabilities include arming and disarming the system, receiving push notifications in the event of a suspected intrusion and displaying real-time images taken with the PIR camera detectors. The iRISCO app is available for both iPhone and Android handheld devices as well as via a web-based PC application.

The Agility™ 3 alarm panel is configured by the installer to the RISCO Cloud remote server during installation, and then, for full connectivity, the user must register his system to the cloud. Connection to the RISCO Cloud enables users to fully benefit from the unique features of Agility™ 3 including the ability to remotely control and self-monitor the Agility™ 3 alarm system either through the iRISCO Smartphone app or via the web application.