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Surveillance Systems

Browse the latest in Home and Business Surveillance Systems
IP Cameras | HD Cameras | PTZ Cameras

IP Cameras

Our Internet Network Camera System Packages

Fever Screening Cameras

The Latest in Thermal Imaging Technology

ColorVu Cameras

ColorVu cameras utilise colour imaging technology that allows viewers to see vivid colour footage at night.

PTZ Camera Range

Pan, Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) cameras are as the name suggests - they are able to move unrestricted and fluidly to enable viewing areas which are not possible with regular cameras.

Density Control

Manage the amount of people within your shop, office or other facilities with Density Control Solutions.

CCTV Monitoring

Add additional layers of security with Police Monitoring available on all our Camera System Packages.

Remote Viewing

Access your cameras and receive notifications, view live and recorded footage from the mobile app using your smart device.

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