Optional Extras



A stylish wall mount and dual technology (DT) detector with PET immunity up to 36kg (80Ib). Ideally positioned in the corner of the room for maximum coverage.

£79.00 Inc. VAT

£65.83 Ex. VAT

Door & Window Sensor

Door/window protection positioned on the door and frame or window and frame and will activate the alarm if the connection is broken will also remind you when setting if windows/doors have been accidentally left open.

£79.00 Inc. VAT

£65.83 Ex. VAT

Remote Keyfob

Remote key-fob to activate or de-activate the alarm system. So there is no need to remember a code, you can also use a code to activate or deactivate the alarm. The key fob can be programmed to send a panic alarm.

£45.00 Inc. VAT

£37.50 Ex. VAT

Alarmed Bell Box

This gives visual indication of a working alarm and audible warning of an activation. Usually positioned on the front of the building at high level.

Shipman Security never supply the bell without a working system.

£99.00 Inc. VAT

£82.50 Ex. VAT

Dummy Bell Box

This has no working parts but acts as an extra visual deterrent to show you have a professionally installed system. Usually positioned on the opposite side from the main working bell, e.g. back of the property.

Shipman Security never supply the bell without a working system.

£39.00 Inc. VAT

£32.50 Ex. VAT

Panic Alarm

Panic alarms are for personal emergency situations to alert others of a dangerous situation. To use the fob both buttons are pressed at the same time, this is to prevent the button being accidently pressed. The key-fob includes belt-clip or it can be attached to a keyring.

£39.00 Inc. VAT

£32.50 Ex. VAT

Camera Sensor

The camera is triggered when the sensor is activated during an alarm activation, providing three consecutive photos sent directly to your smart device. Photos can also be requested via the App when the alarm is set or unset should you need to check the area. 

£150.00 Inc. VAT

£125.00 Ex. VAT

Fire Alarm

Detects smoke and heat and combines two technologies within a compact design and offers a more sensitive and dependable product for early detection of fire hazards with a reduced risk of false alarms. 

£120.00 Inc. VAT

£100.00 Ex. VAT


Cost effective, small and easy to use, placed on a keychain for easy access to the premises. Simply place the tag up to the keypad to set or unset the system. Easy solution for giving to family, friends, or anyone that would need to use the alarm. 

£8.00 Inc. VAT

£6.67 Ex. VAT

Panic Wristband

The easy press wristband is a water-resistant wristband, designed to be worn like a wristwatch or as a pendant. Can be used for personal emergency situations to signal a panic alarm. Ideal for the elderly or disabled. provides peace of mind to both the wearer and their families.

£49.00 Inc. VAT

£40.83 Ex. VAT


Smart, sleek new design keypad. Usually positioned near the entrance. The keypad allows you to operate and program the system, it records who has set/unset the system and has visual indicators. Three keypads can be used on one system.

£125.00 Inc. VAT

£104.17 Ex. VAT
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